May 27, 2021

Do all 6 of these RINOs need to go?

First, the situation, via Red Eagle Politics, 6 Republicans In Name Only that could lose their primaries in the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections.

RINOs are not your friend.  But in some liberal leaning states, they are better than the alternative.

Idaho: This is a Republican state.  Anyone would be better than crappy Mike Crapo.  Yes, he should be primaried.  Any more solid Republican who wins, will win the state.

Utah: As he points out in the video Mike Lee is going to be hard to defeat in the primary.  But I think challenging him would force him to move back to the right, which is a good thing.  There's no harm in the attempt therefore.

South Dakota: John Thune refused to support a challenge of the 2020 election results.  That doesn't make him a RINO necessarily but I would not be sad to see him go.  Since the relatively solid governor of the state is not inclined to run for the senate, the question is whether there will be a solid challenger.

Alaska: Murkowski is possibly the worst turncoat in the GOP. She must be primaried.  Alaska is a solid Republican state.  As long as the challenger is of a decent quality, Murkowski can be defeated and the state will remain Republican red.  Sarah Palin is a good possibility as a candidate.  I'm not sure she wants to run though.  But it doesn't need to be her. I think she'd have the best shot at winning it, but another solid candidate could win too.

Oklahoma: Langford is an establishment Republican. Oklahoma will elect it's Republican nominee, it's a deep red state. But it does not need this guy representing them.  He's a RINO.

Arkansas: John Boozman is not terrible but he's not good either and he's not what Republicans need right now.  Republicans need fighters, so primarying him is not a bad thing.  Besides, right now Jan Morgan looks like an appealing alternative.

Iowa: Grassley is not my favorite Republican but the main reason he needs to be replaced is his age.  Being primaried would insert some new blood.  Being primaried by his grandson would be worth the attention it would get.

Looking at the map, these are mostly deep red states.  The only one I would be worried about having a more conservative candidate is Arkansas, but even there I'd be willing to chance it if I were a patriotic American.  

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