February 24, 2020

President Trump's China containment strategy involves India

President Trump may seem like a loose cannon when it comes to geopolitics but if you look closely, he's doing a lot of things that precisely fit American national security and geopolitical interests.  Containment of China for example is being handled deftly.  Of course there is always an economic component to the Trump doctrine, and that is being handled through the trade deal negotiations.  But the communist Chinese government started getting very militarily aggressive during the Obama administration.  Military containment remains a priority.  To that end, American strategy includes a sort of ring fencing around China.  With Russia to the north, it is not possible to entirely encircle China to prevent aggression, but neither is it entirely necessary.  It's southern Asia where Chinese is attempting to expand it's influence.

While president Trump is attempting to draw down all American presence in Afghanistan, that does not mean he is not acutely aware of the China situation.  Evidence comes in the form of the recent military deal with India:

This is entirely consistent with the Trump doctrine: allies, with common interests, need to pay their fair share of the cost in confronting totalitarian regimes and geopolitical rivals. 

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