February 11, 2020

The pros and cons of the Democratic candidate field

I do not envy the Democrat voters, they have quite an unremarkable slate of options to choose from for their presidential candidate nominee.  Nevertheless, going into tonight's New Hampshire primary results, I have been following along on developments (just not with any enthusiasm).

I have compiled what I believe most of the candidates brings to the table for their fight to win the nomination as well as their eventual defeat by president Trump.

Michael Bloomberg
Biggest Pro: He has billions of dollars to spend to create an aura of his greatness.
Biggest Con: His real aura.

Bernie Sanders
Biggest Pro: He has a cult following of socialists and the naive.
Biggest Con: He has a cult following of socialists and the naive.

Elizabeth Warren
Biggest Pro: name a persecuted group and she'll join it.
Biggest Con: her medicare for all with no tax may be the biggest con of all time.

Pete Buttigieg
Biggest Pro: He looks like a cardboard cutout of a model.
Biggest Con: He answers questions like one too.

Amy Klobuchar
Biggest Pro: Is able to meekly refuse support for a socialist nominee
Biggest Con: Who, now?

Andrew Yang
Biggest Pro: He knows the maths.
Biggest Con: The maths are against him.

Tom Steyer
Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: What's the point?

Tulsi Gabbard
Biggest Pro: Common sense on many issues.
Biggest Con: Democrats are against common sense.

Joe Biden
Biggest Pro:  This was hard but I gotta go with the Establishment is only half backing him.
Biggest Con: He physically attacks his supporters and has probably gone insane.

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