January 18, 2017

Sour grapes Democrats

Why now?

Yesterday I was watching a replay of the election night coverage and something struck me that I think needs to be addressed.  Everyone at  the time was talking about the possibility of Trump not accepting the results of the election because he had been complaining that there were problems with the election being conducted properly.

Not a word from Democrats about the Russians hacking the election and Democrats complaining about it.  Granted they thought they were winning and handily.  But they do not have any significant additional information now that they didn't have back then.  The DNC had already been hacked by what WikiLeaks claims was NOT the Russians.  And if there was such a concern about the legitimacy of the results (as some seem to complain loudly now), why didn't they say anything before the election?

Why now? Because what they are doing is entirely political.

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