January 19, 2017

Quick Hit - Trump inauguration

Trump's inauguration is tomorrow.  It hasn't come soon enough.

President Obama has been an abysmal leader for America.  Trump will make a difference.  He has to do so, not just for personal political success but because he comes into office in what is a dark time for America.  President Obama has presided over the increasingly rapid decline of America and slow boiling frog that are half or more of America's voters. America has been bleeding money, losing jobs and eroding the middle class since the 1990s.  President Obama replaced George W Bush as the poster child for globalism and Hillary Clinton would have put both of them to shame.  While Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren focus on the minutia of the minimum wage (of which only 3% of Americans are faced with), real economic change is at a macro level and requires fundamental change in how America operates.  America first is a good thing when globalists put the wealth of the wealth ahead of legitimate free trade and ahead of the well being (not welfare) of the American people.

 If Hillary Clinton had won, that trend would have continued and the frog would have died.  Frog?  For those of you unfamiliar with the analogy, watch the video below.   Don't worry - the frog in the video below is not harmed:

Something has to change and Donald Trump election proves enough Americans have realized it.  God bless America and the recovery that begins tomorrow.

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