January 2, 2017

Welcome to 2017

It used to be that the dog days of summer were the hardest time to blog about anything because less was happening.  In 2016 it was an election year and with the flurry of headline activity, that norm was tossed on its head. 2017 is going to start slowly for me, again departing from the norm.  That despite all of the last minute efforts of Obama not to be a lame duck but rather to hobble Trump and the country with ill-conceived last minute actions that go well beyond the scope of his non-mandate.

The real important stuff will happen after Obama is gone.  How quickly can Trump erase Obama's horrible 8 year record?  How well can Trump deliver on his promises?  How quickly?  How well will Trump do in the approval ratings?  Will he work effectively with Republicans?  Will he govern in a conservative manner?  Will he drain the swamp?

That's the stuff that matters.  That's when my blogging will kick back into full swing.  Meanwhile I will bite my lip on my contempt for the current Commander in Chief and his self-aggrandizing, socialist and foolish acts and pronouncements unless they become so over the top I can't hold back.

Meanwhile I'll continue with the Saturday Learning Series and Friday Musical Interlude posts and try to keep from going radio-silent on politics completely for the first few weeks.

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