January 24, 2017

Fake news will ensure a Trump re-election in 2020

Fake news is going to get Donald Trump reelected in 2020. There will be no 2 a.m. "we still can't make a call on who will win Wisconsin" on election night 2020.  Fake news is not the fake news they are telling you about either.  It's not Alt-Right driven lies that got Trump elected.  But lies about the Alt-Right probably helped Trump a little bit.  No the fake news is the lies coming from the mainstream media about conservatives, about the right, about Trump and about the GOP.  Remember this blatant propaganda outright lie from CNN?

Either CNN was deliberate in its malfeasance on that one or else they are still happy to have Democrat partisan hacks (not just Chris Cuomo, but others like Donna Brazile or mini-Van Jones for example) on its roster. Either way, that's extremely shameful. Regardless of the fact that this egregiously noisome canard was allowed on the air during the election, the problem remains, unabated. The same applies to George (Clinton mini-me) Stephanopoulos on ABC's Sunday morning news discussion show.  Let's not ignore the fact that liberals have entire shows of fake news (like Colbert's erstwhile show for example).

The problem is, people believe him.
And right now fake news seems to be running amok among the mainstream media.  It's already started  ramping up even (follow the link and take a read - the litany of fake news from 'credible' media after only 3 days since the Trump inauguration is eye opening). The only fake news that matters as far as the mainstream media are concerned, is the fake news they want to tell you.  

That's actually good news for Donald Trump because as the media disappears down the rabbit hole of their own confirmation bias coupled with an apparent lack of fact checking that goes all the way back to Dan Rather's memogate, people are turning away.

The reason Trump is on Twitter tweeting his own opinion is because people don't expect the media to report it fairly.  Only 8% of Americans trust the media, a historic low.  The media by their own hyper-partisanism are making themselves more and more irrelevant by the day, and also in many circles, making themselves less and less able to see that fact.  Any level of Trump success, coupled with this media bias, virtually ensures Trump and the Republicans in Congress a historic set of wins in 2018 and 2020.

And make no mistake, Trump has set himself up for a historic level of success should he deliver on his agenda - lower taxes, smarter healthcare, better immigration management, leaner government, an originalist Supreme Court. Growth. Jobs. Of course he's also set himself up for a historical level of failure too should he deliver on none of it.  

With the media hoping for that and Democrats impending obstructionism (yeah, Republicans did it to Obama too when they could; that's politics), clearly liberals think that Trump will fail.  They're counting on it in fact because with a super thin bench for upcoming election candidates, they don't have a Plan B.  Plan A is demonize Trump so he, like most every Republican before him (post-Reagan at least), he'll cave and become timid.  That's their Plan A?

The Democrats are in disarray and they don't seem to realize it yet.  The longer they fail to realize that they are essentially in freefall in terms of legislative power, the better it is for Trump and for Republicans.  After 2018 Trump may end up getting even more of his agenda moved forward than between now and then.  And that bodes exceptionally well for 2020 for Trump and the GOP. The only thing that can stop Trump, is Trump.  For liberals that isn't much of a Plan B.

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