March 9, 2016

Everybody is wrong

Donald Trump is wrong.  His bluster and uncouth campaign for the Republican nomination is looking more and more like a winning formula - but not so in the general election against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.  In order to win there, he's going to have to start, immediately, looking presidential, sounding knowledgeable on a myriad of issues by actually having some details at the ready.

Polls indicate that Trump will get decimated in the general election.  Except the polls are wrong.  Before yesterday polls had Hillary Clinton trouncing Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary in Michigan. By not a little, but by A LOT  Except she didn't. She lost.

People in the 'anybody but Trump' camp are wrong too.  Not that he should be the nominee.  I personally trust him about as far as I could throw the GOP elephant.  He's not my first choice.  He could fundamentally screw up the Supreme Court for decades. He really could.  But people wanting Trump to go away, are using the vs. Hillary polling as their latest reason that Trump should not be the nominee.  Their timing could not be worse as the latest evidence shows that polls on Hillary aren't as rock solid as liberals believe Hillary's chances are.  Angry Trump voters are not blind.  Trump very well could be the most beatable general election Republican in the field but six months ago people thought he was the most beatable Republican in the primaries. Current evidence supports their mistrust for polls not the the reverse - polls are not going to repudiate Trump supporters' faith.

Wanting Trump to falter in his quest for the nomination is not a bad thing, but the latest set of tactics are as wrong as the previous ones.

Then again, I could be wrong.

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