March 3, 2016

Mitt Romney's secret agenda.

Hey Mitt, no one cares.

The man who many conservatives felt they had to hold their nose to vote for because he wasn't really a conservative, Mitt Romney, doesn't want people to consider doing the same for Donald Trump.  This is the same man who touted a Trump endorsement in 2012, and then subsequently lost a winnable election against Barack Obama.

Let me be clear - I do not believe Trump is the best nominee in the Republican field. By far.  Although I do believe he'd be a far better president than Clinton or Sanders even though that's a low bar to clear.

But let me also be clear - Mitt's words would carry more weight if he had actually won something at the federal level.  Maybe Mitt was just figuring he could influence the voters in the state he ran as governor - Massachusetts - in this year's primary.  Oops  - Donald Trump already won the primary there earlier this week.

What Mitt said today does the same thing that Mexican statements about the wall do for Trump - it validates that he's onto something.  In the case of Mitt Romney its about an establishment Republican attacking an outsider yet again.  It helps cement the idea that Trump is really an outsider running against all of Washington.

Secret agenda?

Then again, maybe the GOP secretly have calculated they can pin that outsider label on Trump by 'opposing' him.  Disaffected voters might flock to a candidate in the general election if they believe establishment leaders in neither party can stomach him.  If the GOP were so clever as to use the tactic of distancing themselves from Trump in order to get him elected, I'd actually be impressed. They'd be using the antipathy and apathy towards Mitt Romney (and others) as a lever to improve the odds for Trump winning the nomination and the general election. 

It makes sense in the context of who is staying in the race besides Trump: 2 establishment candidates and two outsiders to split the votes of non-Trump voters.  With both Kasich and Rubio sticking around no other establishment candidate can win enough.  With Cruz and Carson in the race, the outsider vote is split three ways (mostly towards Trump), but it keeps the possibility of no anti-Trump candidate to coalesce votes. Maybe Trump is the establishment's guy.

If that's the case, and the establishment is secretly behind Trump by being against him, I'm impressed.  Not that I'd like the idea, but it would be a smart move.

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