February 8, 2016

New Hampshire - dumbest Republicans in America

Polling in New Hampshire shows Jeb Bush with a late surge. Really New Hampshire?  Jeb BUSH? The name that can't win ever again?  And why the establish-candidate rush in that direction?  His debate performance was lackluster.  Chris Christie was the one with the effective attacks on Rubio, and you're even putting Kasich ahead of Christie. 


What did Jeb Bush do to earn a surge? Not a thing.

The only redeeming thing about New Hampshire Republicans (the dumbest Republicans in America it seems) is that your opinion doesn't matter. South Carolina will not pick a Bush, or a Kasich.  Your New Hampshire opinions will die a muted death. Well, that and the fact that at least the best Bush can hope for is a distant second.

I really hope the poll is wrong.

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