February 4, 2016

Jeb Bush and "Please Clap"

There's validity in the notion that the Jeb Bush candidacy missed it's window. In 2012 maybe he could have outperformed Mitt Romney if he'd had the guts to run against an incumbent Obama. Maybe not.  A lot of people, unhappy with Obama, still had the taste of the previous Bush that they didn't like.  Two Bushes in and two faux conservatives, out of touch with blue collar America, out of touch with conservatism make a third Bush a pretty risky bet for both conservatives and the GOP.

I'm not unhappy to see this video, Jeb Bush asking an audience to 'please clap'. He's not the right choice for the GOP. But it does make me wonder - this looks like a SuperPAC ad but the watermarks on it say YahooNews and MSNBC. 

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