February 12, 2015

Brian Williams' 6 months suspension from NBC is silly

So 6 months is the shelf life for a reporter's punishment for lying to the public.  That's how long NBC is suspending Brian Williams for doing just that.  They say he deserves a second chance.  That's pretty magnanimous for someone who did the ONE THING you're not supposed to do in their job. He lied.

Okay, I get giving him a second chance. That's arguably the noble thing to do.  And NBC can make the case for it.  But letting return to the same prestigious post?  Is that fair to all the journalists at NBC who are honest?  After all, if this were at Meryll Lynch or Lehman Brothers, there would be howls of outrage over letting the wolves back into the chicken coop.  So why is liberal NBC exempt from the same standard?  It's especially galling when they are titularly responsible for informing the public what's going on and instead they're lying.

Make him earn his way back. I bet he couldn't do it if he had to do so.  Not because he wouldn't have learned his lesson, but because his brand would be too tarnished with a longer wait until his return.  That's the real calculus at NBC. 

NBC, not your source for truth in new reporting. 

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