February 19, 2015

Thursday Hillary Bash - A loser's campaign

It appears some people are already seeing cracks in Hillary's 2016 armor.  Her campaign resembles that of a loser rather than a winner:
It’s early days yet, but Hillary Clinton is already running what looks like the classic campaign of a loser — in contrast to those once run by her husband — in two different and critical ways. Bill’s campaigns resembled those waged by his fellow winners — Carter, Reagan, Bush 43 and Obama. Hillary’s recall those of what we can call the loser group — Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

One thing the winners had in common is that they headed teams of fanatically loyal home-grown advisors who understood, knew, and loved them, and stayed loyal to them when things became thorny — as things quickly did in each case...

In contrast, each member of the loser group employed hired guns with big names and huge egos, who used them to pay for vacations in Tuscany, waged vicious turf wars with professional rivals, and sometimes turned on their former employers if and when things went south.
Hillary's campaign for 2016 appears to resemble the latter sort of campaign. And it gets worse:
...right now, Hillary Clinton looks a lot more like this kind of candidate than like Reagan, Bush, or Obama (who cleverly ran as a kind of messiah), or even her own husband, Bill.

Bill ran with and on his DLC platform, but Hillary never bought into that concept. What's more, she lives as if she's been told all her life she was so special that she deserved to have and be anything. Her problem has been getting voters as enthused about herself as she is...
Am I worried about a Clinton presidency? Absolutely.  But she should be worried about her candidacy, and if she isn't, maybe she'll take care of my worry in the process, all the while validating the reason for my worry.  If she can't run an election campaign, how the heck is she supposed to run a country?

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  1. The latest baggy bit of baggage in the Clinton camp is the millions of dollars from foreign donors to the Clinton "foundation". Possible conflicts of interest in the past & up until 2016 may be added to some lavish personal spending from their "charitable" foundation upon themselves.


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