February 12, 2015

Jon Stewart quitting The Daily Show and I think...

Well, good. I think it will benefit America. I googled Jon Stewart and the sidebar had this description of The Daily Show:
Accused by some of misinforming its core audience of young adults about international news, this series doesn't hide the fact that it's not a news program and only uses newsworthy stories as a jumping-off point to satire. In addition to celebrity and politician interviews, Stewart and his staff perform skits to get their points across.
"Doesn't hide the fact that it's not a news program"???? It tries to hide the fact that it's a comedy program because the MAIN POINT of the show is to promote liberal viewpoints. The comedy is the palatable vehicle of delivery that makes it's young, impressionable audience continue to tune in. It's a news program for the gullible. The description above goes on to use the phrase "perform skits to get their points across."

That's because they have a point to get across, a liberal viewpoint of the news they claim not to be covering! Apparently a lot of people still don't realize that.  Certainly whoever wrote that info blur didn't see the irony of contracting him or herself in a single paragraph.

Not only are they liberal at the Daily Show, they are hiding behind comedy instead of facing the very real criticism directed their way. Mock conservatism, trumpet liberalism and then claim to be a comedy show when confronted on the issues. That's weak.

Jon Stewart gone? Good.

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  1. Jon Stewart is famous for pretend news. See: Brian Williams.


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