February 11, 2015

Wednesday Warren Warning - Out of left field

Pardon the "left field" pun, but how does this happen?
Populist groups cheering "Run Warren Run," today released 2016 election polls from Iowa and New Hampshire showing Sen. Elizabeth Warren ahead of dominant Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The YouGov poll of likely Democratic voters for MoveOn.org and Democracy for America also found that 79 percent want Warren and majorities support her anti-Wall Street positions.

Warren has said she doesn't plan to challenge Clinton, though several others have indicated that they are looking at a bid, including Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.
I'd dropped the frequency on the Wednesday Warren Warnings because it looked like she wasn't in the race. This may change her mind. If anyone on the Democratic side can beat Hillary Clinton, it's her.

Yes, the poll was conducted by friendlies, but it may be enough to get her to reconsider., especially with Hillary playing it safe right now.

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