December 7, 2010

They're ALL out to lunch!

Coming soon to a superpower near you.
I was reading a CNN article on the President's statement today about the tax compromise. I should learn to stay away from CNN all the time (I usually do) because it had me ready to blow a gasket. Go take a read, I'll wait. When you come back I'd like to point a few things that are wrong with the piece.

Okay, let's get a few things straight - allowing a tax cut to expire, is the same thing as raising taxes. Just like lowering the tax rates twice under Bush were tax cuts. And another thing - Obama basically stated today that the Republicans were anxious to do away with the middle class tax cuts in two years - as if he were the true champion of tax cuts. The man has no shame. The man is the champion of spread the wealth, not tax cuts.

Why isn't CNN calling him on this sort of thing? Or things like this;
He said that extending tax cuts for the wealthy was the "holy grail" for Republicans, saying it appeared to be "their central economic doctrine" and noting that GOP senators could filibuster to block any effort against that policy.
Let's see here, President Obama says the GOP is about tax cuts for the rich. He says they are about repealing 'his' tax cuts for the middle class in two years. Well then why would the Republicans have passed 10 years worth of Bush tax cuts that have primarily benefited the middle class over the last decade?

Come on CNN - where is the critical analysis of this tripe?

Ow wait. I forgot - this, is CNN. They don't get it. They are all out to lunch;
The overall compromise will cost between $600 billion and $800 billion over two years, according to CNN estimates.
COST? Really? It is a decrease in federal government revenue. You know what is a cost? The Department of Education. That's a cost.

To be fair, CNN is not alone in their misconception that letting people keep their money is a cost.
Extending the Bush-era tax cuts for two years would cost $458 billion, the Treasury Department has estimated -- $383 billion for lower and middle income Americans plus $75 billion for individuals making more than $200,000 a year and families making $250,000 or more. The White House has estimated that lowering the payroll tax would cost $120 billion. Extending unemployment benefits for 13 months? That comes with a $62 billion price tag, according to CNN estimates.
But at CNN, they are on board that misinformation train.
Lowering the top estate tax rate to 35% -- combined with the $5 million exemption -- costs $88 billion over two years, according to the Tax Policy Center.
CNN, the Treasury Department, the Tax Policy Center - all think that the government collecting less money is a COST. Certain parts of the country have lost their grasp of reality. The government doesn't run deficits because it doesn't collect enough. It runs deficits because it spends more than it collects. It's that freaking simple!

Conservatives, and hopefully Republicans get it. They want lower taxes, and less government services that the country can't afford. That's it. Sure, there will be some painful choices that need to be made, but at least they are willing to face the question about what needs to be done. Unlike liberals who have their heads stuck in the sand and want your head stuck there too.


  1. They don't call it Communist News Network for nothing.

    It's only because MSNBC has gone completely off the edge that CNN looks moderate by comparison.

  2. A valid point. Check out my next post - you sent me off on another tangent.


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