December 12, 2010

Sunday Reading Material

Here's some Sunday reading links for you.  Read right to the end and follow the links, there's a few important posts that are worth your time.

An Ol' Broad voices her concern over a Republican porker's appointment to head the House Appropriations Committee.  I'll reserve judgement on whether Harold Rogers has been reformed or not as to his pork-barrel ways, but I cannot argue the fact that even if he has been reformed, this is a very bad signal for the GOP to be sending.  It's as if they are spending their little bit of political capital like they were Democrats spending taxpayers' money.  Then again, if Rogers turns out to be ultra-thrifty in the next Congress, well, that would send a powerful positive signal too.  Let's hope the latter case turns out to be right.

A.J. Strata at the Strata-Sphere summarizes the good news that scientists are starting to come clean on the veracity of climate data and that global warming hysteria might be finally cooling down.

A post from Mises on how racism and chauvinism are not the basis of capitalism but indeed a detriment to it.  Worth the read for any conservative who faces the tired criticisms from the left about capitalism thriving on the backs of the oppressed.  If you need any bolstering for that discussion, Trestin Meachim begins an explanation of why socialism fails.

William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion on the silliness that is the race card being played in regards to a Duncan Hines commercial. The reaction is comical in it's absurdity as Jacobson points out. I wonder how those liberal thought police would react to the story about two black Georgia Democrats bolting to the Republican party?

Just a conservative girl has some penetrating thoughts (please excuse the pun - after reading her post) on the slippery slope of conservatism. It's hard to argue that there isn't a slippery slope when it comes to tolerance and that some issues aren't simply black and white issues.

Bonsai from the right has a clip from Greta Van Susteren's show on Fox, where Democrat Rep. Boren argues that the extension of the Bush tax cuts is being held hostage by none other than Nancy Pelosi. If the Democrats in lame duck session want to hold it up, more power to them.  It goes a long way in showing just how off the mark the far left really is.  It may make Obama seem centrist by comparison, and maybe that's part of the plan, since really is cut from the same far left cloth as the Pelosi types.  But the Republicans can in January make the cut extensions retroactive and there would then be less need to negotiate and give in on a number of issues that they should rightly be concerned about. Plus, after two years of steamrolling to the left, I'm not sure if Obama can carry off the I'm-really-a-centrist shift they way Bill Clinton got away with it.  The situation is different.  The conditions are different.  There won't be any third party challenge to siphon of centrist votes. There' won't be, will there?
“I’m not looking at the possibility of running,” he said on NBC. “No way. No how.”
That's exactly what I'd say if I were a Democrat mole in the Republican party bent on ensuring that Obama wins a second term. And Bloomberg isn't exactly very Republican.

And finally, Breitbart catches Obama's spiritual advisor admitting he's a communist.  He does it tongue in cheek, but it turns out he's not really lying. Infidel Bloggers Alliance pointed out at length back in August that Jim Wallis was a communist sympathizer. The guy has managed to stay pretty much under the radar for quite some time. Let's hope the Brietbart piece sheds some light on him.

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