December 14, 2010

I can't get behind Huckabee

Not the guy.
I like Mike Huckabee.  He says a lot of good things about national security, taxes and business,  He seems like a decent guy.  But sometimes he says things that make me shake my head. Enough so that while I think he's right on a lot of issues, he's not the right guy for the Republicans to nominate for President in 2012.

I just finished a post about Michelle Obama's fight against childhood obesity.  Certainly it's something that can be rallied around by everyone.  Unhealthy children - who can support that?  Nobody wants unhealthy children.  But it's not simply enough to say that it's a bad thing for children to be unhealthy.  How you go about solving the problem shows whether you have bona fide conservative values or you are just paying lip service to the ideals and still going to be (or are) governing as a big government liberal.  

There's a lot wrong with how the Michelle Obama agenda plays into the Barack Obama agenda.  There's a lot wrong with solution as a whole.  The government should not be taking advantage of a healthy issue to push a progressive agenda, but they are.  It appears Mike Huckabee is either in agreement with that, or he has been suckered by the Obama's.
Mike Huckabee, Arkansas governor, 1996-2007: “Reversing the childhood obesity epidemic in a single generation — as first lady Michelle Obama has called upon our nation to do — won’t be easy. ... The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act makes great strides toward eliminating this threat to our children's health.”
Neither agreement or being a sucker gives me a warm fuzzy feeling about a Huckabee presidency.  Perhaps there is a third option.  This is small potatoes when it comes to government spending.  Maybe he figures it's easier to be against unhealthy children and his decision to endorse the Act is a politically motivated nod to the center and the left in order to keep his personal approval ratings good.  But it still abandons conservative principals and is an obsequious way of currying favor instead of explaining why the Michelle Obama goal is worthy but that the solution itself stinks. Whatever the case, there's a squishiness on conservative principles to Huckabee that doesn't leave me with a good feeling. In a time when freedom is clearly under attack by so many on the left, it's just not a time for squishiness. 


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  2. I'm with you on this one 100%. Huck maybe be as honest the day is long, but I fear he isn't electable and doesn't have that fire down below it takes to be a fighter.

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  5. really an eye opener for me.

    - Robson

  6. Thanks Diogenes. I agree. He isn't what is needed right now for conservatives or for America. Besides being soft on some big government stuff, he seems too soft to run a hard fought campaign against Obama in 2012 and to make the tough decisions if he happened to win.

    All that said, he does seem like a good guy who is right about a lot of stuff. I'd be willing to support him in a lot of other endeavors, like his show on Fox for example.


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