December 21, 2010

Napolitano's "24-7-364" decoded!

For a little bit of context, Janet Napolitano had made the following 'faux pas' recently when talking about Homeland Security.

The public is security is protected every day of the year but one?

There's been a lot of speculation about which day those who protect the American public have been taking off. Christmas, New Years? But I've decoded it.  Here's a clue;

The day off? She has to be talking about Cinco de Mayo.  Turn your backs for a day so illegals can get in.  Then later on, we'll just grant them amnesty.

NOTE: Before you go calling me a racist, I'm just making a point. I'm not at all against immigration - it's a big part of what made America great.  What I am against, as are so many others, is the rewarding of those who skip the line, ignore the rule of law, and demand special consideration for whatever reason.  How is that fair to those who go through the effort to immigrate properly and legally?  Violating the law is not worthy of praise or reward.  Laws either apply or they don't.  Special exemptions and special rules create a tiered hierarchy.  American was not founded on a caste system.  It was founded on liberty AND JUSTICE for all.  Justice does not mean being nice to illegal immigrants because they've had it tough, that is unjust to both Americans and their taxes as well as those who in say Nicaragua or Kenya or anywhere else who do not have the opportunity to sneak in under the cover of darkness.

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