January 26, 2023

Are you kidding me?

This gentlemen talks about an article on COVID-19 remorse and the unvaccinated. He speaks for most of us, vaccinated or not, when he responds "you weren't listening".  Kudos to him and his reasoned response.

But the specific accusations leveled at the unvaccinated are far worse than just obliviousness, it actually reaches the level of accusation and gaslighting. The article is a red flag that we are living in Orwell's 1984.


  1. i am now retired for a year. i had planned to work for 3 more years, but retiring was easier than continuing to fight.
    to all those who called me a tin foil hat consperisy fool....
    i can easily remove the tin foil hat from my head
    can you remove the spike proteins from your body??

    1. Lol. Most of my family who got shots now regret it. The only reason any of them got it was because it was a work requirement. I did not have to get vaccinated for work because I am a remote worker.

      None of my family bothered to get any boosters beyond the first two after seeing the lack of efficacy in preventing contraction of COVID or transmitting it. Everyone in my family contracted the virus, including me. My symptoms were the mildest of any of us (though it was still not a fun experience).

      All of that is anecdotal but it is physical evidence as opposed to a government edict that must get the vaccination or else I am less than human for not doing so.


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