January 22, 2023

Unseemly conservative split

Unseemly.  Steven Crowder's disagreement with Daily Wire / Ben Shapiro is a business and/or strategic difference on conservative approach to the culture war.  Only they know, and they probably see it differently as to on what it is they disagree. So why are conservatives taking sides and piling on?  That's not helpful to the conservative cause.

For example, Mark Dice posted the following:

Steven Crowder has revealed himself to be one of the biggest frauds in conservative media. Bigger than most Conservative Inc. clowns, all while claiming to oppose them, which is a whole new level of grift. People need to know that he only decided to “expose” the Daily Wire as being Conservative Inc. *after* they turned down his request for $30 million a year (120 million for four which was his counter to their initial 50 million for four).

But he's making it seem like *he* walked away from "50 million dollars." NO. They rebuffed his counter demand of $120 million and cut off all further negotiations with him cuz he wanted too much money and they realized he's a primadonna.

So now he’s grifting, hoping to get people to buy memberships for his mug club so *he* can “reveal” that *they’re* only about money.

How does that help?  This is a specific disagreement, there's no need to take sides. Enjoy them both, or either one you prefer, or neither, and remain silent about their dispute.  DO NOT pile on for either side.  It will eventually sort itself out.  Taking sides, is making rifts where no larger rifts are needed.

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