January 23, 2023

Important pivot in inflation coming soon (but not really).

I recently discovered Mark Moss via the video below. He talks about how he expects inflation (and therefore eventually interest rates) to come down significantly, very soon.  He explains that it's happening due to formula manipulation, rather than real world improvements, and if he's correct that is very dangerous.  

It's also political. The BLS is very political. Take a look at Shadowstats (which he does mention) if you don't believe me. But if inflation and interest rates do drop to the extent Mark Moss is predicting, this is where the political matters.  It's important for the Republican congress to be aware of this and start getting out in front of it to take credit for it.  Don't play the reactionary game and instead GOP, go on offense.

Here's Mark Moss.  The video is a bit long but worth watching through entirely.

I'm not convinced the Fed will change rates very quickly, but it will happen eventually in response to the rates. That has political implications too but also a real impact on consumers as opposed to fake inflation numbers.  Lower rates will stimulate demand and borrowing. 

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