December 1, 2018

Saturday Learning Series - Fake News Exposed (indisputably and for real)

Taking a break this week from the recent Saturday Learning Series focus on geography to take a look at two recent scientific items in the news that are in all truth, fake news and clickbait.

Anton Petrov's "What Da Math" looks at these two instances of hyperbole and brilliantly puts some truth to them. Firstly let's look at the giant asteroid expected to destroy life on earth in 2023.

Here's the other fake science news being exposed. A gamma ray burst from Apep.

When you watch the media, always, ALWAYS question what they tell you.  They might be right, but there are facts, there are distortions, there are opinions and there is often hyperbole.  It's up to you to sift through what they say and discern for yourself what part is fact.  That's because they do not limit themselves to to facts, more and more they are about the rest of that list.  Fake news is a strong term but it is a necessary term as so much of what the media shares is bias-filled, clickbait focused tripe.

Ask yourself:  If the media can lie about our imminent doom, why can't they do it for immigration, politics and climate change (formerly known as global warming)?

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