December 19, 2018

The Culture War going on around you

You may not be aware of this, but conservatives for a few years now have been getting shadow banned on Twitter by some secretive oversight team, their websites and pages being de-emphasized on Google, their posts treated as fake news on Facebook and slowly but surely the cultural de-platforming of conservative ideas has spread, most recently to Patreon, where Sargon of Akkad said something (albeit recklessly and in poor taste), not recently and not even on their platform and his account was closed.

This is a logical extension of public shaming of conservatives that has gone on for years.

But there is hope in the making, via Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson, two heavy load-bearers on the free speech and anti-progressive side of the aisle.  Just as I mentioned before on a related issue - this is something that deserves your support.

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