November 9, 2017

Thursday Biden Bash starts now

It appears that Biden 2020 is a go. In a puff piece on the supposed greatness that is Joe Biden *loud cough* ABC leads with two paragraphs that sure sounds like someone who is anxious to run:
Just over two years ago, then-Vice President Joe Biden announced that he would not run to succeed President Barack Obama in the 2016 presidential election. This week, he admitted he regrets that he doesn't currently occupy the Oval Office given the potential he sees in the United States.

"I regret that I am not president because I think there is so much opportunity," Biden told Oprah Winfrey in a clip from an OWN Network interview aired exclusively by "Good Morning America" on Thursday. "I think America is so incredibly well-positioned."
As an aside, don't bother reading the rest of the ABC piece unless you feeling like losing your breakfast. It's so puffy you'll end up feeling bloated. In any case, that sure sounds like someone who is itching to run: (1) expressing regret and (2) doing so on the Oprah Winfrey Network rather than keeping it within your closest relatives. 

So, as a member of the diligent opposition to progressivism it's time to start a weekly Thursday Biden Bash, just as I did prior to 2016 with Hillary Clinton.  I'm starting earlier in the cycle for Joe Biden than I did with the Thursday Hillary Bash for two reasons. (1) There's so much buffoonery with Joe, it's going to take time and (2) Joe has something Hillary didn't - a personality and the ability to connect with human beings rather than being a cold, distant snobbish elitist.  He's a friendly-seeming, pandering elitist snob. The real Biden, the plagiarist pandering stooge, needs to be exposed. Be prepared for a lengthy stroll down Biden memory lane in the coming years.

The Thursday Biden Bash may be premature. After all if Hillary Clinton decides to run again, she might become the Democratic front runner. God knows why, she's clearly unelectable except in ultra liberal New York. But failing a complete Democratic dam-burst on all things Clinton (for example Donna Brazile's new book exposing her tentacle-like grasp on the party and media),  she's got the connections and control for now, she could intimidate her way back into a third run. In that case the Thursday Hillary Bash would need to return. But frankly a Hillary Clinton third run would be a huge win for Republicans because Biden is clearly the stronger candidate for Democrats. At this point a wet rag would probably out-perform Hillary.

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