November 14, 2017

Roy Moore charges - timing seem really odd.

I'm curious. Why did all of these accusations against Roy Moore not come out until just prior to the Alabama election? They didn't come to light during the primaries. All of these women making the claims, seem to be 'Republicans'. But the suspicion that raises is that if these people were indeed Republicans why didn't these allegations come out during the primaries?

Why wouldn't Moore's primary competitors have a chance to raise it?  They likely had not heard of it, that's why.

And why would they have not been informed during the primaries?  Why would the media have not been informed during the primaries?  Suddenly these accusations come to light right before the election. The accusations didn't matter a month ago? Or back as far as 1977 when some of them were alleged to have happened.  Really odd timing. 

Unless the accusers are actually Democrats.  It would certainly help Democrats in the election if the Republican candidate were badly tarnished.  And even if he wins, Republicans have played right into Democrat hands, by threatening to basically excommunicate him from the party, without any judicial decision on Roy Moore.

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