November 9, 2017

Why do billionaires support Democrats who supposedly hate business?

According to the liberal British news source The Guardian, the three richest men in America, Gates, Bezos and Buffet - all Democrat supporters, are wealthier than the bottom half of all American's population.
The three richest people in the US – Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett – own as much wealth as the bottom half of the US population, or 160 million people.

Analysis of the wealth of America’s richest people found that Gates, Bezos and Buffett were sitting on a combined $248.5bn (£190bn) fortune. The Institute for Policy Studies said the growing gap between rich and poor had created a “moral crisis”.
Of course it goes on to bash Republican tax cut proposals as exacerbating the problem. That view is shortsighted. But here's the real question - why are the three richest men in America supporters of a political party that supposedly espouses wealth redistribution?

The answer?  The Democrat party does support wealth redistribution - from the people to the oligopoly of insider elites.  The wealthy have their tax shelters.  They have their off-shored jobs and their legislation preventing new entrant competitors from garnering any portion of their over-sized share of the wealth pie. So as the Democrats preach fairness and equality, their actions in legislation and regulation do the exact opposite -they consolidate power and wealth around themselves.

Think of it - if Bezos, Gates and Buffet really cared they could divest themselves of 80% of their wealth to the bottom half of the country, or the bottom 10% of the country.  They don't.  They vote for consolidation.  They vote for tax laws that further favor them. They vote for Big government and really big business collusion.  And the Democrats take their donations and pay them back with government contracts and laws that further their goals.

Democrats meanwhile have owned welfare for decades and it just keeps growing worse.  They have owned public education for decades and no one is better off.  It's because Democrats don't really care. Democrats have changed into the party of big business.  They support unfettered 'free trade' in which the playing field is tilted heavily against the American worker.  They support globalization, which only enables the wealthy to be more free to abuse the system. Why?

It's a cabal, it's self serving, and they have duped millions of voters into believing that they are something they are not.  Billionaires know better, and are throwing their support behind candidates accordingly. Too many voters have not caught on.  Too many voters care that the president is crude and unpolished, egotistical and a loudmouth and they can't see beyond it to understand why president Trump won.  He won because he wanted to drain the self-serving swamp an establish a level playing field. Whether he is able to do so is another question but at least he was a billionaire willing to address the rigged system.

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