September 27, 2017

NOT Strange Days in Alabama

President Trump, at the behest of the GOP establishment stumped for Luther Strange in the Republican runoff primary for Jeff Sessions' former senate seat.  But Moore, the anti-establishment candidate defeated Strange in what many on the left are calling a defeat for president Trump.

Except it's not. The anti-establishment candidate is a blow for Mitch McConnell, not president Trump.  The president needs more stalwart drain-the-swamp outsiders in the senate, as does America.  This is a win for the president, despite the optics.  It should shake the GOP establishment into realizing that if they are not interested in shaking up the status quo, popular support will not follow.

Yes there's a rift in the Republican party but it's no worse than on the side of the Democrats.  In fact in the long run I suspect the latter will feel more long-lasting effects than the former.

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