September 27, 2017

Think I'll take a knee on watching the NFL for a while.

I'm a die hard NFL fan - not just any football, NFL football. I started watching decades ago. I used to also watch a lot of college football but drifted away from it over the years.  But you know what, I might drift back.  It seems to be largely politics free, despite the overlay of progressive liberalism that infects so many university and college campuses.

I watch football to see spectacular plays, not watch millionaires and near-millionaires, regardless of color and ethnicity, disrespect the American flag and national anthem in a misguided protest because the emotional snowflakes have got their feelings hurt by a president who is equally and unapologetically speaks out against those who put politics ahead of their country and ahead of their job.

Why should I support a league that supports people who will put their opinions ahead of their product - entertaining viewers who are looking for an escape from politics - something that has become increasingly hard to do in news coverage, TV shows, movies, music and education.  The constant drumbeat of progressive dogma had one unalterable respite - sports.  The NFL seems to have self-excluded from that club.  So now it's NCAA football or maybe NASCAR. At least that's going to be my approach until the NFL comes to its senses. 
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