September 18, 2017

SJWs, why so shrill?

Former president Obama was roundly lauded for his use of the phrase in describing his enemies as being on the wrong side of history and he, and his supporters were on the right side of history. As backwards as he was on all the important issues, it was a compelling phrase for a lot of people.  Even though it was often used in a really backhanded way.   

Which brings me to my question for Social Justice Warriors - if you are on the right side of history, and your side and your points of view will win in the end, then, 

Why so shrill?

Why yell, why antagonize, why fight? If president Trump and his supporters are the historical anomaly, why antagonize, demonize and vilify them? You are not going to win them over.  You are not in any way advancing the 'right side of history' by engaging in shrill and often violent protests.  What are you achieving by screaming at the top of your lungs about how terrible these people are?

You don't need to do so, because they are a dying breed.  Right?  Right?

I can think of only three possible reasons why you SJWs continue to be so shrill. (1) You want to make yourself feel good (at someone else's expense) about yourself.  (2)  Deep down you are not convinced you are right and are trying to convince yourself more so than anyone else about the veracity of your 'truths'. or (3) It's to impress a girl.

Whichever it is, isn't that just special for you?

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