April 4, 2016

Trumps abortion Not-Gaffe

Donald Trump apparently made some abortion gaffe that is supposed to disqualify him from consideration for president.

In case you missed the tempest in a teapot, here's Chris Matthews, the 'interviewer' during the comments in question, on his take on the incident.  I say interviewer because it's clear that he was trying to set up Trump for future Democratic attacks.

What Trump said was not particularly a gaffe. He was basically saying, based on the premise proposed by Matthews, that if a woman breaks a law, she should be punished. It's just like his stance on illegal immigration. If it's illegal, someone who does it is breaking the law. For lawbreakers there is a penalty, or there should be.

Interestingly, at the liberal Huffington Post, they're saying that Trump is demanding accountability and not portraying a woman getting an abortion as an innocent victim in all of this but rather an active participant, most likely (though not always) as was the case during the conception as well. Granted, HuffPo says he gave the respect accidentally, providing the obligatory editorializing of their own pass for Trump.

Nevertheless the real reveal here was not that Trump is a law and order guy and it supercedes abortion considerations, rather the reveal is about Matthews. Clearly they view their political agendas ahead of the law of the land. It also reveals a little bit of inconsistency on the anti-abortion right - they have long held the view that the woman is not the target of the punishment but rather the provider is. When a man visits a prostitute in violation of anti-prostitution laws, both participants are in violation of the law. Why would this be any different?

This is not meant to be a full-throated, mind-numbed robot defense of Trump. As with Rush Limbaugh, I am simply pointing out what I'm seeing. I'm in line with Rush a number of other ways on Trump too. He's not my ideal candidate. I'm not endorsing him. I'm not trashing him either though - if he becomes the nominee, I would support him in a heartbeat over Clinton or Sanders.

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