April 19, 2016

New York Primary Winners and Losers

It should not come as a surprise that both Trump and Clinton won their 'home' state.  What's a bit surprising are the margins of victory.  Trump crushed Kasich and Cruz garnering ~60% of the vote so far.  Cruz did himself no favors in New York by using the phrase 'New York values' earlier in the cycle.  But Cruz wasn't expecting to win in the Empire State.  Still, 60% has to be a vindication for Trump who has seen his momentum slow in the last few weeks.

Hillary beat Bernie by roughly 58% to 42%.  That's a stronger than expected showing for Sanders and he'll have managed minimize her expected delegate dominance in her 'home' state.  It ensures an even more drawn out primary on the Democratic side.

I'm sure the fallout from New York will be interesting.  I've been slow on posting this month as I've been busier than usual with a myriad of things, but I'm sure there'll be some hot sound bites coming out of the latest contest so I'll have to find time to comment.

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