April 24, 2016

Sunday Linkaround

Some great reads recently in a few major dailies that are worth checking out.

Weather Channel founder wants politics out of climate change debate.

FBI should pursue Clinton, so says...Salon? Well, it would help Bernie Sanders.

The Federalist has an interesting case for Trump. Cultural Warrior.

Mark Salter erroneously believes that one third of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents will not vote for Trump and hes destined to lose in November if he's the nominee.  Conservatives held their noses and voted for Romney, McCain, Dole and Ford. If establishment or establishment-loving Republicans do not do the same for an outsider (be it Trump or Cruz), they will be the ones responsible for the demise of the GOP.

Curt Schilling, honest pariah.

Meanwhile Obamacare continues to collapse under it's own weight.

For some reason The Economist believes Clinton is the one who can unleash American competitiveness.  This despite Hillarycare, driver's licenses for illegals, Whitewater, Benghazi...To be fair they say her plans are not bold enough.  But then why not make the headline about who has the best plan rather than trying to suggest to Clinton what she should do instead of what she would really do?  Timidity, that's why.

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