January 16, 2015

Frost quakes?

Frost quakes sound like a breakfast cereal to me. But they aren't.

In fact they're something akin to an earthquake, and they're real. While a frost quake is not an actual earthquake, it's a similar, far more localized effect accompanied by a loud boom that results from water in the ground freezing rapidly due to a sudden cold snap. It can cause the frozen ground to crack suddenly and create a boom along with some tremors.

Of course it's already been linked by some to global warming. The notion that global cooling is explained by global warming is ridiculous. The notion that every little climate event is a result of global warming is ridiculous. The notion that all climate change is man-made is ridiculous and full of smug self-importance. People believing that meteorologists who cannot get the weather predictions right for next week have solved the model for predicting future climate shifts 10 to 100 years from now is so ridiculous that it is laughable.

Why rant about it now? Because NASA and the NOAA are busy trying to convince us that 2014 was the warmest year on record. If anyone is still buying the veracity of this type of hysteria as science, have I got a bridge for you.

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