January 6, 2015

Pope Francis, still a socialist

I'm sure the Pope is pursuing what he believes is a moral God-centered agenda, but really, lighten up Francis. Stop sticking your head in the political arena. Yes, I'm sure it's a best of intentions world view he has. But I'm even more sure he's wrong. Just because he's Pope doesn't make him right. I'm sure Pope John Paul II would disagree with him on a number of his decisions. Two Popes, two world views. It only proves they are human, and they both can't be right about something they disagree on.

Yes, everything is political, but a Pope blessing a climate treaty is left-wing political tripe. Of course Bloomberg loves it - your Pope agrees with us on global warming so now you have to believe too! No.  No I don't.

Yes, and he's against capitalism too, the same as the radical environmental movement. It's the same as socialists and communists are against capitalism.

To stretch his concern for the poor motif to climate change is as much a stretch as it is to say the polar ice caps will be gone in a few years (i.e. it's an impossible stretch).

The more I see this Pope, the more I believe his elevation to the Papacy was based on geography and demographics and not on his beliefs.

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