January 1, 2015

Polar Ice Caps at Record High Levels

2015.  I'm hopeful that the climate change debate gets laid to rest this year.  Hopeful, but not optimistic.  Despite the evidence, low information celebrities and willfully blind media outlets will continue to decry the fact that the polar ice caps are melting despite the fact that they are not. |In fact, sea ice is at record levels.

Maybe eventually the facts will catch up to the hyperbole from the Al Gore crowd.  We can always hope.


  1. Perhaps revealing the actual cause of climate change might help.

    Climate change is natural. The last change is that it stopped warming.

    Unbiased science at http://agwunveiled.blogspot.com derives a physics-based equation which calculates results consistent with all measured average global temperatures.
    1. A reference there provides historical evidence that CO2 change does not cause climate change.
    2. The two factors that do correlate with climate change are identified. The correlation is 95% with average global temperatures since before 1900; including the current plateau. The analysis also predicts the ongoing down trend of average global temperature.
    3. An explanation of why any credible CO2 change does not cause significant climate change.

    1. Thanks for the link Dan. I'm tired of arguing that climate change is natural and far more powerful than our ability to dramatically influence (let alone dominate) temperatures. But it needs to always be argued because too many people refuse to see the true facts, and would rather believe "the debate is over".

      I'll certainly be checking out your link.


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