April 11, 2019

Important: Your taxes are down, not up

Your tax return may be smaller, but that's a small part of the big picture.  Tim Pool explains this well, your tax return is down because your taxes are lower.  

Progressives have successfully peddled lies about the truth.

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  1. the missus and i made, combined, about 75k last year. solidly middle class.
    not only did my pay check go up $25/week, my federal tax refund went from $200 to $950 and the state from -90 to +250.

    seems the ones who are getting smaller returns are the ones who use to get a bunch of write offs that are no longer allowed. and ytou have to make enough to be able to itemize to use these deductions.
    but that's just "making the rich pay their fair share"....something the left has been begging for for....ever. so what is the problem?? trump has just given you what you said you wanted. kwitcherbichen


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