April 23, 2019

Heritage Foundation is blinkered on tariffs

The Heritage Foundation argues that tariffs are taxes and they hurt consumers.  That's true, but simply abandoning the national interest is akin to open borders.  When you allow products into your country untaxed but you cannot sell abroad under the same condition, you are hamstringing yourself economically versus your opponent.

The Fox host points this out and the Heritage Foundation response: using the threat of tariffs causes uncertainty.  While I agree with the Heritage Foundation on a lot of things, that frankly is a weak non-answer, and worse, blind to reality.

The threat of tariffs is a bargaining chip and allowing other countries to take advantage of a consumers-at-all-costs approach is blindness.  There are producers in America that are not being treated fairly, drug use is a national epidemic, unfettered access to immigration is a problem.  This one-side-only approach to tariffs has not worked properly because when only one side plays with fairness, they lose. 

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