February 13, 2013

Press going after Rubio like he was Jindal or something

The good news:  The GOP does have a good class of rising stars.  They have a lot of energy, and a lot of ideas and even charisma.  The bad news: the left wants to destroy them all before they have a chance to find their legs and they aren't shy about throwing anything and everything at the person they are attacking.

They'll go so far as to attack someone for reaching for a drink of water during a speech.

That's juvenile, pedantic and beneath real journalism.  That CBS needs it pointed out, sadly comes as no surprise.  They are too busy following in the footsteps of Dan Rather with the gotcha journalism when it comes to conservatves and Republicans and anyone Tea Party related.

Remember what they did to Bobby Jindal when he offered the GOP response to Obama's SOTU a few years back?  Or how they tore apart Sarah Palin as soon as she looked like she might be popular?  Same modus operendi is on display here.  Stop Rubio before he can make himself a contender.  Along with the president's highly political SOTU speech yesterday, it's pretty clear what's going on.  This is about winning, not about solving the problems the country faces - at least for progressive liberals.

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