February 26, 2013

Speaker Boehner Is Miffed

GOP House Speaker Boehner is getting terse and frankly, it's about time.  Here are two videos in the last two days with him showing a shorter fuse on the sequester.  The thing is, these make great soundbites and it's perhaps an approach that might get those points unfiltered through the partisan liberal press and let them actually sink in with the typically oblivious voters.  In an age of finger-pointing that is embraced whole-heartedly by the other side, this is a necessary tactic.

Here he makes the point that the president is deceitfully asking for a tax increase when he just got one two months ago.

And here he's pointing out that Congress has done it's work but the president and more importantly the Senate have not being doing their work on coming up with bills.  It continues the point from the above clip.  Boehner is getting testy, and it's showing.  I say that's good right now.

"Get off their asses." Two clips with two minutes that are more effective and concise than months of talk from the GOP.

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