August 13, 2019

Jeffery Epstein conspiracy theories are less crazy than normal

I like a good conspiracy theory even though most are ridiculous and implausible.  They're still entertaining.  But in the case of Jeffery Epstein and his sudden suicide while incarcerated and on suicide watch (or at least he was for a time) I have to wonder.  I'm not in any way prepared to say his suicide was actually a homicide but I can't blame anyone for thinking that he was murdered.  There is enough strangeness around his entire history, let alone his apparent suicide, to give us pause to consider the possibility.

I'm going to wait for more information to come in, but here are some interesting takes on the situation:

and then there's this...


  1. Meanwhile the FBI (fat, bald and ignorant) had a Weekend At Jeffies!

    1. There's a lot of people on his 'guest list' who are probably very happy now.


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