December 17, 2019

President Trump's phenomenal economic record is bad news?

President Trump has had an incredible record on the economy in the first three years of his presidency. A string of record low unemployment figures (African American, Hispanic, women, Asian, and overall) are accompanied by a string of records of Dow Jones record highs, at a record pace.  The labor force participation rate is up, meaning there are more people in the work force and the unemployment rate is down despite that. And despite trade tensions, president Trump has added over 5 million jobs to the economy so far.   7 million people have quit using food stamps.  Yet despite all of that, if you follow the mainstream media, president Trump's economy is really, really bad news.

As laughable and counter-intuitive and wrong as that notion is, it's clearly going to be the main thrust of the mainstream media's assault on the president's re-election bid in 2020 after the impeachment effort finally implodes (for the time being).

The AP actually claim that Trump doesn't deserve credit for African American record low unemployment.  Thankfully they do a woeful job of making their "Fact Check" case.

Forbes has article after article on how terrible the economy is but the one stating that even president Trump would admit his economy is in deep trouble is emblematic of an institutional bias against the president.  That's from Chuck Jones who has a record of bashing Trump's accomplishments.

The New York Times is coaching Democrats on how to go after president Trump's economy.

Salon calls the great economy a myth.

Fortune says Trump is bad for business, and cherry picks facts to make it's case.

The Atlantic claims the president is experiencing economic anxiety.  They must be privy to his psychiatric records.

CCN (not exactly mainstream, but still indicative of it) says record low unemployment a sign that the economy is teetering on collapse.  It's a ridiculous notion that doesn't even require a rebuttal.

And on it goes. Thankfully, Americans have awakened from the hazed belief  that their media is still honest.  They can sift through opinion, they can feel the truth in their own lives.  President Trump's economy is doing great, and the only thing that will derail it is not his dealing with China, and not the 'fragile underpinnings' that are due to collapse but rather a Democratic victory in 2020, for the presidency, or in congress.  Neither appears likely to happen.

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