December 18, 2019

Indisputably? I do not think it means what you think it means.

Former (ersatz) president Obama recently claimed that women are indisputably better leaders than men.  There are so many problems with that but I will highlight three.

(1) He's looking at groups not individuals.  That's always a flawed approach. Whether it's about assessing people or how you treat people, it's a recipe for division, something Democrats excel at doing deliberately.

(2) He's using the Al Gore "the debate is over" tactic to silence opposing views. Al Gore used the approach to end discussion on climate change when he could not argue facts.  Obama is using it here as a glibly tossed out thought in an effort to pander to an audience. To what end, who can say.?

(3) He offers no specific evidence. In fact it's mere opinion but it's disguised as fact, it's meant to lead opinion, not facilitate discussion or invite commentary.  That's contrary to everything the president claimed to be about - open inclusive discussion. Yeah, not so much.

The former president, clearly pandering, is once again proving that he is all style, no substance.

Tim Pool goes into more depth below.  I don't think Obama's foolhardy pronouncement needs it but Tim Pool does a good job of dissecting it, nonetheless.

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