August 26, 2015

Trump versus a real loudmouth

I'm re-thinking my original opinion on Trump versus Jorge Ramos.  Thanks Allahpundit for that by the way.
Ramos starts speaking as Trump is stepping to the mic, before Trump can so much as look at him. Trump calls on another reporter and Ramos just keeps going.

What he wants to say is that he thought he had a greater moral right to question Trump. He’s an activist. Unlike the other reporters in the room, he was there to push a cause and wanted to use Trump’s media megaphone to amplify it. When you’re speaking open-borders “truth” to security power, your righteous urgency leaves no room for professional courtesy. And now he’s a free-speech martyr, all because Trump wouldn’t stand there and be heckled at length — even though he did eventually let Ramos back in for a little heckling and counter-heckling...

Why Trump has a responsibility to answer questions from a guy who finds him so “dangerous” as to supposedly warrant denunciation from the wider, supposedly impartial media, I have no idea. Jim Geraghty notes that last week Ramos called Trump “the loudest voice of intolerance, hatred and division in the United States.” The day liberals decide that Obama or Hillary Clinton is duty bound to engage in press-conference colloquies with, say, Rush Limbaugh is the day Trump is duty bound to engage Ramos.
So I jumped to a conclusion prematurely. Ramos was the loudmouth here. He's supposed to be a journalist. That's how he got in, not as a debate opponent. Shut up and wait your turn Ramos. And if you can't bring yourself to do that, stand outside and shout your protests. You can't be both a journalist and a heckling, protesting ass.

Right on cue - CNN pounces on Trump for being obnoxious. Slavish devotion to the liberal pyramid scheme:
(CNN)If you don't know who Jorge Ramos is, or respect his role in American media, you're really not fit to be president.

After ejecting Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos from a news conference Tuesday evening, Donald Trump characterized him as a "very emotional person" and claimed not even to know who he was. Later, after symbolically deporting Ramos from the press event, Trump magnanimously allowed him back into the room to bully him from the pulpit.
PUH-LEEZ Ruiz. Trump doesn't owe anything to Ramos. Ramos has a right to be their as a journalist. He is NOT more important than every other journalist in the room. He doesn't get to decide when he asks his questions. Let him run for president if he wants to run how press conferences (his) are run. Let's see how well a presidential run goes for him.

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