August 25, 2015

On the campaign trail today (2nd edition)

Some more observations from on the campaign trail today. Snark is free.  You're welcome.

While the Washington Post is aghast, (aghast I tell you!),  that a Rasmussen Reports poll indicates conservatives feel Hillary Clinton should suspend her campaign, apparently New Hampshire Democrats might agree.  Bernie Sanders has overtaken her lead in a poll in that state. Actually, it's the second poll to suggest that. Chris Cillizza, you're raising the kind of objections conservatives were raising about polls showing Obama ahead in 2012. Worded badly.  Sampled badly. Not fair. Automated. We complained about Rasmussen for some of the same reasons in 2012 Chris, when it showed Obama leading.  News flash Chris, the poll's probably right, and you're probably wrong. Oh, and Bernie's contending.

Joe Biden, most assuredly, is in. As the band Foster the People sing, "Call It What You Want".  I call it a wonderful future gaffepalooza.  But please, not until you've derailed Hillary, Joe.

Rick Perry soon to be  0 for 2?  With staffers jumping ship in favor of the S.S. Trump, or even a life raft, Perry's political fortunes may be, well - over.  Two disastrous runs in a row should spell the end of a career.  But let's face it, this is the GOP we're talking about here.  It may be his turn in 2020 or 2024.

Newt Gingrich's run meanwhile, ended somewhere in 2012. So Rick Perry should take heart.  And by that I mean heart medication.  Couldn't hurt at this point.

Rand Paul has taken a shrewd strategy, bypassing unimportant early states like Iowa and New Hampshire and headed straight for the delegate rich game-changer state of...Alaska?  Maybe he's seeking the all important Palin endorsement.

Chris Christie is meanwhile busy fighting corporate polluters in New Jersey.  You know, governing.  It should serve him well - in New Jersey, which sadly does not provide him enough delegates to win the Republican nomination. Oh well.

Donald Trump has turned anger into hipness. I don't think he'll do the same for spurring on racial division. Crossing the line from questioning to pure antagonism - heck, maybe he still is a Democrat. Oh, by the way, anchor babies.

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