June 8, 2020

Democrats' canary in the coal mine

You want to know what Joe Biden's response is going to be when he is finally forced to take a position on whether he thinks the police should be defunded?  Well it won't be the same answer as the Minneapolis mayor who was asked the same question by protestors. 

He was clearly the canary in the coal mine for Democrats - or the trial balloon in a different metaphor. Biden cannot give the same answer and expect to get the Black Lives Matter, far left vote. But he cannot capitulate and get the suburban Democrat vote, at least in the same turnout level. So what is he going to do? He's going to try to craft some sort of middle of the road answer between the insanity of having no police and supporting law and order. Perhaps something along the lines of needing to review federal funding for states for police forces to meet some sort of threshold level of anti-racism in order to continue to receive funding. In other words, states will have to earn continued funding. Yes, that's an absurd stance but perhaps enough to stave off enough vote loss. Never mind that police funding is local and state funding of cities and federal funding of states is so peripherally linked to the actual question - radicals don't care.

As the left continues to eat itself, it's not all good news for president Trump.  If the media manages to avoid pinning down Joe Biden, the president should call him out during his own press engagement.  Then they will have to ask Joe.  It's no loss for the president - we all know where he stands on law and order.

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