September 25, 2019

Democrats have lost their minds

If the Democrats wanted Biden out of the race for the Democratic nominee for president in 2020, they have done brilliantly.  Otherwise, they've stepped in it (and by it, I mean it looks like they have stepped right into a trap).

If Nancy Pelosi wants to be known as the leader of a Congress bent on getting president Trump but not only failing miserably but failing to address any real problem that is currently facing the nation (e.g. illegal immigration, the opioid crisis, China, Iran, etc.), then she is succeeding magnificently.  Otherwise she is ensuring a Republican route of Democrats in Congress in 2020.

If Democrats want to to come across as myopic frothing anti-Trump lunatics, mission accomplished. Otherwise this is going to be a huge self-inflicted wounds and exposure of a lot of Democrat corruption from which they could take a decade to recover.

Oh and duplicity?  Check.

Meanwhile president Trump is looking more measured and smarter than ever.

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