June 27, 2019

Carlos Maza is on an evil crusade and must be stopped

First he came for Steven Crowder and the YouTube Adpocalypse followed in it's wake with possibly tens of thousands of YouTubers, mostly conservative, were demonitized if not outright removed.  Only those impacted and their fans stood up. 

Next it seems, Carlos Maza, emboldened by his success, decided to continue with his evil quest by going after the Donald Trump subReddit.  Yes, it actually happened. Here's his tweet about it:

Then the subReddit was quarantined. 

This is no mere coincidence. Maza must be stopped. He is systematically taking down any opposition to his communist agenda (he's a self-proclaimed Marxist).  Tim Pool pointed out that the Reddit situation was (i) not as bad as implied and (ii) probably trolled with fake racist and homophobic accounts to set up this take down. 

The larger point, free speech, even bad ideas, must be protected.  The "world is not flat" was once considered a bad idea.  Bad ideas are merely a matter of perspective.

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