May 3, 2024

RFK Jr. still trying to steal Trump voters

In light of Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court, isn't RFK's pronouncement during this interview, a moot point?  The ruling has basically returned the issue to a state level matter, which is why Trump's new position is exactly right - it's a state matter now.

Beyond that, I still contend he's trying to siphon votes away from Donald Trump, and not be a serious contender.  This position certain walks into pro-Trump territory and away from left leaning voters, and reinforces my belief of the RFK Jr. ultimate goal.

I'm not saying it will work well, but it only needs to work enough, in the right states to make a difference, and that should worry us.


  1. I agree, the Kennedy moron is only in the election to suck the Old Skool Republican establishment away from Trump. Those folks actually LOVE Joe Biden because he spreads the wealth around to his co-conspirators. I don't necessarily "like" Trump, but it is hard to argue that he was not the best President that we have had in my lifetime. FYI, that includes Ronald Reagan, too.

    1. I would put Reagan slightly ahead of Trump but for me it's a 1 & 1A thing. Reagan defeated communism and brought America back from a real malaise. But Trump did work that was just as important. Trump's work is still unfinished, but after a second term, for me he may equal or surpass Reagan due to the urgency with which his policies are needed.


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