February 14, 2023

DeSantis or Trump in 2024?

My position on the 2024 presidential election has always been that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should cede the nomination to Trump, but now that's wavering.  My rationale has been that if Trump wins then we could follow that with 2 consecutive DeSantis presidential terms, giving America 12 consecutive years of Republican rule.  Think of what could be accomplished!  But now I wonder if a Trump 2024 victory is a sure thing.  I thought 2020 would be but some how Let's Go Brandon got 81 million votes. I won't rehash how that was even possible here; the net effect was it happened.

DeSantis I think could demolish any opponent. But right now it's still early, I'm reserving judgement and opinion on who the better candidate for 2024 might be.  If it ends up being DeSantis, we still owe president Trump a debt of gratitude for moving the ball down the field in the right direction. He woke up the conservative voters and some of the Republican party.  He made Americans aware of the fact that America first is not a bad thing.  He showed everyone that the status quo is not immutable. That's huge.

Here, Dave Rubin discusses Bill Maher's advice to Ron DeSantis.  It's an interesting take on both parts.

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